Forum Title: Help Me Decide On An Oxy Set!
So finally after months of working steady Ive got the green light from the wife to get a new set of pouches. Ive been through 3 or 4 sets of the Bucket Boss X-treme ones, don't get me wrong there decent pouches for around $50 but they just don't last. Its time for some Oxy's! I'm stuck between 2 sets and looking for some advice. Here are my job duties. - Rough Framing - Backout - Interior Trim - Remodeling I spend a majority of my time in the Backout or Rough Framing stages. So here are my 2 choices that I'm stuck on and can't decide on just one and yes I have been to a local store to try them on.8580 - Fat Lipô Tool Belt Set8086 - OxyLightsô Ultra Framer Tool Belt I'm going to swap out the belt for the 8003 - 3 Leather & Nylon Tool Belt and probably pick a different hammer holder than the ones shown, but its the bags I can't settle on. I like that the Fat Lips come with a cell phone holder and 2003 Oxy Tool Shield for my chisel. But I'm a bit worried the bags are just too darn big being 10 deep. Also not sure I like the tape holder situation. I like smaller profile of the Ultra Framers, but I do tend to have a lot in my bags and there is no dedicated spot for a cell phone or chisel and worried it would just rip things up. I could buy a tool shield and add it in there but there is no dedicated spot. I'm wondering if I could get some opinions from guys who own these pouches or have tried both. Thanks!
Category: General Contractor Post By: KIRK RODGERS (Redondo Beach, CA), 03/20/2018

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