Forum Title: U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas
Gentlemen, So I'm looking at a kitchen remodel and would appreciate help on one particular issue - layout. Typical u-shaped kitchen with the sink under the window. The sink is the only thing that can't be moved. Other than that, clean slate. Kitchen area's about 12' (east wall to pillar) x 14' (north wall to south wall). The thing I get stuck on is the fridge. I hate the way this big appliance creates hidden space behind it. That is, if you stick the fridge at the south end of the counters on either the north or south walls, then it encloses that section of the room behind it, creates a blind area. But the east wall seems unsuitable for a fridge, and destroys the triangle. Corners are terrible. Are there any greatnew layout ideas for this traditional kitchen that solves the big fat sight-line blocker problem? Thanks. UPDATE: Added a second sketch. First one was a gif and some people couldn't see it. New one's a jpg - crossin' my fingers.
Category: General Contractor Post By: ROBERT WILLIAMS (Brentwood, CA), 02/21/2018
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